Indian War Tribe Gi Jiu Jitsu Patch

Indian War Tribe Gi Jiu Jitsu Patch

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Brazilian Jiu jitsu War Tribe gi patch with cool Indian skull look. Great BJJ gift idea for men and Jiu Jitsu mom.

High quality embroidered fabric. Sew on patch for kimonos Brazilian martial art - BJJ - or grappling and not only.

Fits for any jiu jitsu patches placement on BJJ gis and other jiu jitsu gear - bag, backpack, jeans jacket.

Patch Indian Wartribe size chart:

round size of 12 inches

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💡Jiu Jitsu in Japanese meaning

Jiu Jitsu Japanese symbols are 柔術 and they mean 'gentle art'. Jūjutsu - Jū meaning 'gentle' and 'Jutsu' means 'art'. 'The gentle art' is the name of one of the popular Brazillian martial arts - BJJ.